The peony: Red Charm

The peony: Red Charm

The red peony: Red Charm. One of the best red peonies there is. Why? Because she is very strong, is full of flower petals, opens up in the vase and has a longer vase life than other red peonies. Here you will read all about this red peony, what makes her special, how big she gets and some tips for a beautiful flowering bunch of peonies.

Red PeonyWhat kind of peony is the Red Charm?

The most well-known types of peonies are single-flowered and double-flowered peonies, but there are many other types. The Red Charm peony for example is a round peony. When the peony is still closed, only the outer petals are visible. When the Red Charm peony opens you will see that the outer large flower petals come all the way out and the inside of the peony is filled with narrow flower petals that form a ball on the outer flower petals.

The Red Charm can grow up to 22 cm once blooming! This combined with the volume in the rose itself makes for a full vase. It is therefore advisable to use a large vase. The peonies need space to open fully.

Bouquet of red peoniesTake care of your red peony

Are your red peonies not opening? Feel the peony bud carefully, there might be a small layer of sugar around the bud. This is mainly to keep the peonies as fresh and closed as possible, so they can fully bloom in your home. What you can do about this is quite simple. Hold the peony upside down under a lukewarm tap, but make sure the water does not get into the peony itself. Water in your peony will shorten its vase life and that is exactly what we do not want. The care of peonies is the same as for other roses, cut diagonally, remove leaves and use flower food.

Red Charm peonyOur Red Charm peonies

To be able to deliver the roses as fresh as possible to your home and to keep this journey as short as possible, all Red Charm peonies come from the Netherlands. This way they have a short journey to you, are fresh and have a longer vase life. Besides, a shorter way to you is also better for the environment! The Red Charm is available in a bouquet of 15 peonies, a bouquet of 10 peonies with panicum, but you can also choose the number of peonies you would like in your bouquet! So there are plenty of opportunities to get your perfect bunch of red peonies.

Did you know that this red peony has been around since 1944? And that she even won a prize in 1956? What does this say about the Red Charm? That she is a very strong and beautiful peony!

Our Red Charm peonies:

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