Rose variety: Confidential

The Confidential rose

Confidential rosesThe orange Confidential rose is the most common orange rose in our assortment. This has to do with the quality of this rose, her vase life, but also with the colour of the rose. This rose has a transition in colour, from the outer rose petals to the heart of the rose, the inner rose petals. The outer leaves of the rose can even have a red colour, while the rest of the rose is orange. The orange colour is lighter in the heart of the rose than in the outer rose petals. The red colour only appears in the outer leaves, so the Confidential rose is really an orange rose. If you look at the pictures of this rose, you can see the gradient of colour it has from the outside to the inside. That makes her special.

The bud size of this rose is about 5.5 cm. In general, this rose in our range has a stem length of 50 cm. If the rose is used in a mixed bouquet the length of the rose may be determined by the length of the other roses in the bouquet. A suitable vase for these roses is approximately between 25 and 35 cm high. The width of a suitable vase for this rose depends on the number of roses in your bouquet. The Confidential is at its best when it has the space to open fully.

Confidential, fresh from the grower

The Confidential rose

These orange roses are grown by a Dutch grower in Kenya: Timaflor. In this nursery a total of 2000 employees are working every day to check the quality and reliability of the roses and to cut the roses. Owner Simon believes that roses are unique and that every type of rose and every colour is different and diverse. He has over 45 years of experience in the flower business, of which he has been growing roses for 15 years.

In Kenya, the climate is perfect for roses; there is a lot of sun and little rain. Because of this, the roses grow faster and the natural resources that are available are exploited. The nursery is located 10 km from the equator, so the daytime temperature is between 20 and 24 degrees. Because of the constant warmth, the quality remains the same and can be guaranteed. Timaflor also thinks about sustainability. For example, the roses are sent to the Netherlands in recycled plastic and they use solar panels. Timaflor also supports initiatives regarding environmental friendliness, social working conditions, safety and sustainability.

The orange rose in bouquets

The Confidential rose can be found in mono-bouquets, which are bouquets with only this orange rose, but also in mixed bouquets. With and without green leaves, with pink roses or with yellow and red roses. In short, this orange rose is often used in all kinds of different rose bouquets. You can also find this rose variety in our "choose your own number" category. Here you can decide how big your bouquet should be, from 10 orange roses to 1001 orange roses. Is there a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary? Then you can enter the number of orange roses you would like to have in the bouquet. This way you can make your bouquet even more personal. If you would like a little extra, you can add some gypsophila, a box of chocolate, a teddy bear or a bottle of champagne! Make the bouquet completely personal with our gifts.

Below you can find all bouquets with the Confidential rose.

Our Confidential roses:

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