Rose variety: Devoted

Rose variety: Devoted

The Devoted rose is an orange rose, the rose has a slight colour gradient from deep orange to light red. The outside of this rose is darker than the rest of the rose. The bud of the rose is about 5.5 cm tall and has a stem length of about 50 cm. This rose appears in two bouquets in our assortment. These bouquets are not classical rose bouquets, but have a retro/modern style. Not all roses have the same stem length, so the Devoted roses do not all have a stem length of about 50 cm. This style makes the bouquet playful and modern. Have you already received your Devoted roses and would you like to enjoy them for as long as possible? Then take a look at our care tips. If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy your roses for as long as possible.

Order the Devoted rose

Devoted roseThe meaning of an orange rose is to send joy, light and cosiness. So a rose does not have to be a symbol of love. Sending orange roses does not necessarily mean that you are declaring your love to someone. You can also just send it to good friends, your neighbours or family! You can also look at the name of the rose: Devoted. By sending these roses you can show your devotion to someone. That is a very nice gesture you can make to the recipient!
Make sure you use the personalised card. Here you can tell the recipient why you sent the roses. We don't put invoices in the box, the only way the recipient can find out who sent the roses is by the card! Indicate here, for example, that you want to send happiness. In addition, orange roses in your interior are a real eye-catcher. What this type of rose is also good for is drying them. The deep orange colour ensures that you will still be able to see the colour. Perfect for bringing the autumn atmosphere into your home! Read here how to get the best results when drying your Devoted roses.

From the grower

Devoted bouquetThese Devoted roses are grown in Kenya, in a large ranch in Laikipia. The growers here started in 2011, but not with roses. The growers here started growing wheat. Only later did they start growing roses here. Roses of high quality. This grower is called: Lolomarik. By now, Lolomarik has grown as many as 13 rose varieties. Each rose variety has about 3 hectares of land on which they grow until they are fully ripe. No fewer than 450 people work in this nursery. They check the condition of the roses for ripeness, cut ripe roses and check the quality of the roses. All roses grown by Lolomarik are sold in the Netherlands. Other rose varieties that can be found in this greenhouse are the: Pink Tacazzi, EverRed, Athena and Pink Athena.
They make good use of the climate in Kenya. This climate benefits the roses and ensures that the roses become extremely strong. The climate is not only good for growing roses. The climate is also used for sports. People play football, volleyball and run marathons!

Buying the Devoted

As mentioned above, the Devoted rose appears in 2 bouquets in our assortment. When these bouquets with the Devoted rose are available, you can see them at the bottom of this page. So that you can compare, we also show a number of other orange roses under the Devoted roses. You'll soon discover the differences and may even develop a slight preference between the different orange roses!

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