Order the Avalanche Peach rose

Order the Avalanche Peach rose

Avalanche Peach roses, luxurious salmon-coloured roses

The peach-coloured roses, Avalanche Peach, have a soft peachy colour, also called salmon colour or champagne colour. The outer leaves of the rosebud have a soft green glow that reminds many of the 1960s style. But nowadays, this is totally hot again! Salmon roses represent love, gratitude and warmth, so they always make a perfect gift.

This beautiful Avalanche Peach rose is, just like all our other Avalanche roses, grown for us by v. d. Berg Roses from Holland. They all have the same amazing quality. Our constant and direct contact with v. d. Berg Roses ensures that we can guarantee the quality of our Avalanche roses.

Avalanche salmon-pink roses for every occasion

This luxurious peach-coloured rose is very popular for creating wedding bouquets and other optimistic events such as anniversaries and birthdays. With a bunch of salmon roses you bring home fantastic quality roses with a rosebud that blooms to about 7 centimetres in diameter. The stem length is usually around 60 centimetres, so these champagne-coloured roses can be tied without losing their radiance. This rose of a special quality has a beautiful peach-coloured rosebud and an exceptionally long vase life.

Have a bunch of salmon-coloured roses delivered

The Avalanche Peach radiates love and warmth, with its soft look this salmon-coloured rose will fit into any interior and its quality will surprise everyone. Would you like to make your bouquet even more exclusive and are you looking for roses and champagne or 50 roses in peach colour and 1 white? In short, salmon roses are a perfect gift for a special person. At Surprose you can easily order a bouquet of salmon roses entirely according to your wishes.

Did you know that you can order these Avalanche Peach roses in any number up to 500 pieces For example, give 25, 50, or 60 Peach Avalanche roses as a gift for an anniversary. Choose a mixed pastel coloured bouquet with soft pink, yellow and peach coloured roses. Maybe you want to give a workshop with champagne-coloured roses or make a Christmas arrangement with roses. At Surprose you can also order salmon roses per piece in any desired number. Think of the number of years of life, marriage or work.

Read more about our luxury Avalanche roses in our blog.

Our Avalanche Peach roses:
  1. Choose your number salmon-coloured roses - 100 till 499
    100 till 499 salmon-coloured roses
    Delivery in 3 working days
  2. 10 salmon-coloured roses with phoenix - Avalanche Peach
    10 salmon-coloured roses with phoenix - Avalanche Peach
  3. Pastel mix XL with eucalyptus - Avalanche
    Pastel mix XL with eucalyptus - Avalanche
  4. 20 salmon-coloured roses - Avalanche Peach
    20 salmon-coloured roses - Avalanche Peach

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