Rose variety: Good Times

Yellow Good Times roses

When you think of Good Times, you may not think of a flower, let alone a yellow rose. If you were to look up Good Times on Google, you would come across all kinds of songs by singers who want to have a good time. The Good Times is a high quality yellow rose. The yellow rose in our range comes from Kenya and arrives fresh and close to the Netherlands. The rose undergoes several inspections and tests both in the Netherlands and in Kenya, so the best quality is sold!

Bouquets with Good Times roses

Good Times rosesThe Good Times rose is a bright yellow rose. A big advantage of this yellow Good Times rose is that it has few thorns. So if you'd like to have roses for someone with children or if you don't like roses with thorns, this might be a good option for you! The rose usually has a stem length of about 50 cm. In mixed bouquets the stem length depends on the other roses, so it can differ. The Good Times rose is almost the only yellow rose that we have in our range. The rose can be ordered in mono bouquets, mixed bouquets and by the piece. These roses can be ordered per piece from 10 pieces up to 1001 pieces! In the 'choose your number' category you can choose between 10 to 101, 102 to 500 and 501 to 1001 yellow roses. Here you can fill in the number of yellow roses you would like to have.

Yellow roses symbolise…

The yellow rose is a symbol of strength and friendship. Yellow roses are often sent to friends to celebrate and cherish a long friendship. It is not for nothing that yellow roses are a symbol of friendship! Yellow roses bring liveliness and a good mood. Did you know that roses in your home with a cheerful colour can make you feel a little happier? Want to know more about the meanings of different colours of roses? We have written a blog where you can read all about different colours of roses and their meanings!

Rose growers of the Good Times

Good Times roseThe Good Times rose originates from Kenya. There are 3 growers who have this type of rose, these are: Altima, Lobelia and Timaflor. Want to know more about our growers? Here you can find more information about our growers. Yellow roses are much less common than for example pink, red or white roses. This is because yellow roses are more difficult to find of good quality. The Good Times rose is one of them. Why Kenya? Kenya is very close to the equator. This ensures that there is a lot of sun during the day. Because the sun is so close, the roses become very strong. The bud of this rose is about 6 cm in size.

Good Times from the growers to you

The roses arrive fresh in the Netherlands from Kenya and after inspection they are transported to our flower binders as quickly as possible, so that you get the freshest roses possible. The roses usually arrive at the bindery only one day before delivery and are transported with our carrier on the same day. Everything so that the roses arrive fresh and beautiful at your home!

Our Good Times roses:

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