Rose variety: Upper Class

Upper Class roses

About the Upper Class rose

The name of this rose already gives a lot away about the appearance of this rose variety. The rose is of high quality and has a very luxurious appearance. The Upper Class rose is sent fresh and therefore still in the rosebud. When you put the rose in a vase after receiving it, you might be surprised how big these roses are when they open. This red rose opens very wide. The Upper Class is a large flowering red rose from Kenya.

Red roses from the grower

Upper Class roseThe growers of this red rose are Altima and Timaflor. These growers are located in Kenya and are both situated on a mountain, close to the equator. They regularly test the quality of the Upper Class, to make sure it can still be enjoyed at home as long as possible! This red rose has an average bud size of about 4.5 cm and is directly available from our assortment. The stem length of the Upper Class is about 50 cm. A medium-sized vase would suit it best. Choose a vase that is spacious enough so that the roses have room to fully open at the recipient's home.
The bud size of this rose is lower than some other roses, however, this rose does unfold fully, making the rose very large when in bloom. The leaves are flower-shaped, which gives this rose a different look than for example the Red Naomi rose. The petals of this rose look like velvet! The appearance and flower shape of the petals of this rose make it a unique and beautiful rose.

Order Upper Class roses

Upper Class bouquetThe Upper Class roses are sent from Kenya to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the roses of this rose variety are brought to the collection point, where also all other rose varieties that are ordered at Surprose are gathered. All these roses, including the Upper Class, are brought to our bindery. In the bindery the roses are tied to the ordered bouquet by our flower binders. This rose is available as a mono-bouquet or mixed bouquet. We have also used this luxury rose as a special bouquet for Christmas.
Once tied, the bouquet is wrapped around the stems in a freshbag. This fresh bag contains rose food and a little water. The roses are kept as cool as possible so that they do not open and arrive at the recipient already in full bloom. The freshbag keeps the Upper Class roses beautiful until they reach the recipient. Once in the vase, they will open beautifully! Want to know more about the care once you have the roses? Read our blog: Rose care. There you can find some tips you can use to enjoy your Upper Class roses as long as possible!

Below we show you the bouquets containing the red Upper Class rose. The Christmas bouquet is shown next to it, if it is available. If the Christmas bouquet is not available it will not be shown below either. If you want to see all the red roses for comparison, you should go to all red roses.

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