Surprose's coloured roses

Rainbow roses, black roses and blue roses

The story behind Surprose's special coloured roses. Surprose also has several roses in its range that are not found in nature. These are the dyed roses in blue and black, as well as in the colours of the rainbow. These unique roses are treated with a natural ink, giving the flower bud a beautiful special colour. Surprose's roses are perfect to give as gifts on occasions like a birthday or other fancy celebration. With the high quality of the roses, you can be sure it will be a beautiful gift.

Coloured roses, eye-catchers in the vase

Coloured roses from Surprose are premium roses with a unique appearance. So if you want to give a nice gift to someone special, these coloured roses from Surprose are perfect for you! With a bunch of coloured roses, you give a real eye-catcher in the vase and are guaranteed to impress the recipient. You can also compose your own bunch of roses at Surprose. For example, give someone 26 rainbow roses on their 26th birthday. This way, you have a beautiful and personal gift for the birthday boy or girl.

Please note: when cutting off the stem coloured liquid may be released from the stems. Avoid contact with clothes and delicate surfaces to prevent staining.

All colours of the rainbow

Are you or do you know someone who can never choose and therefore does not know what colour roses you want to order? Then Surprose has the perfect solution for you! Surprose can make and deliver high quality rainbow roses. These roses are made using biodegradable ink. Of course, the rainbow rose also stands for diversity and acceptance. We are therefore proud that our target group embraces these rainbow roses. After all, a bunch of rainbow roses is very special to give, but also definitely to get.

The rainbow roses are often used by the LGBTQ+ movement. These roses represent the inclusivity of everyone and therefore you can also see these roses at events such as the Pride in Amsterdam. You can also use rainbow roses very nicely to decorate an event. This way, you are sure to have a unique theme that will really stand out among visitors.

The dyed black rose

Surprose's black roses are of the rose variety Red Naomi. These are beautiful red roses that are dyed completely black. The Red Naomi are very strong and large roses. These are also available from us as the XXL red rose. Surprose also offers black roses in a bouquet with greenery. So you have a beautiful gift for a birthday or other special day.

However, Surprose also has beautiful deep red roses in its range. These are the Black Baccara roses. This is a fairly old rose variety that is still very popular. This is due to the strong quality of the roses and their unique dark red colour. This Black Baccara is a rose grown at Arend Roses in the Netherlands. Dutch roses are known worldwide for their high quality and strong stems. As a result, the roses remain beautiful in the vase for a long time.

The dyed blue rose

The blue roses are of the Vendela rose variety. These are very strong roses whose white colour makes them perfect for dyeing. The blue roses represent mystery and unattainable love. So do you want to send anonymous roses to someone? Then a bunch of roses is perfect to symbolise the message.

Surprose also has lavender-coloured roses. These are roses that are in between blue and purple. Surprose's lavender-coloured roses are grown in Kenya. This country is known for its roses, due to its location on the equator. This means the roses get a lot of sunshine all year round and can therefore grow fast.

Ordering dyed roses at Surprose

As you can read above, Surprose has a very wide range of dyed roses. Since recently, Surprose also has these dyed roses directly available from stock. This means that you can have these roses in your home or give them to someone in a very short time. Surprose goes to work for you immediately after placing an order. The flower arrangers make a beautiful bouquet of what you have ordered, after which the bouquet is given to the courier service. So you can be sure that you will have fresh roses delivered to your home quickly!

Du musst 18 Jahre oder älter sein, um dieses Produkt kaufen zu können.
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