Roses for your anniversary

Roses for your anniversary

Wondering what your wedding anniversary is called?

Every year you are married is of course a celebration, but every few years such an anniversary also gets a name. Below is a handy list to see which name can be used for which year. So you know exactly which name to put in the greeting card! The anniversaries in bold letters are often celebrated the biggest. How will you surprise your partner?

1 to 10 years married

  • 1 year married - Cotton anniversary
  • 2 years married - Paper anniversary
  • 3 years married - Leather anniversary
  • 4 years married - Silk anniversary
  • 5 years married - Wooden anniversary
  • 6 years married - Iron anniversary
  • 7 years married - Wool anniversary
  • 8 years married - Bronze anniversary
  • 9 years married - Pottery anniversary
  • 10 years married - Rose anniversary

11 to 50 years married

  • 11 years married - Steel anniversary
  • 12,5 years married - Copper anniversary
  • 13 years married - Lace anniversary
  • 14 years married - Ivory anniversary
  • 15 years married - Crystal anniversary
  • 20 years married - Porcelain anniversary
  • 25 years married - Silver anniversary
  • 30 years married - Pearls anniversary
  • 35 years married - Coral anniversary
  • 40 years married - Ruby anniversary
  • 45 years married - Sapphire anniversary
  • 50 years married - Golden anniversary

51 to 90 years married

  • 55 years married - Emerald anniversary
  • 60 years married - Diamond anniversary
  • 65 years married - Brilliant anniversary
  • 70 years married - Platinum anniversary
  • 75 years married - Alabaster anniversary
  • 80 years married - Oak anniversary
  • 90 years married - Granite anniversary

Choose your own number of roses

If, for example, you are married for 17 years and there is no specific bouquet with 17 roses, Surprose also offers the possibility to create a bouquet with a number of roses of your choice. This way, it is very easy to order a personalised bouquet of roses for your partner. This way, you have a unique and special gift to give him or her on your wedding day. If you want to give your partner more than 100 roses, Surprose is also perfect for you. All you have to do is choose a beautiful colour and a number and Surprose will do the rest for you!

Wedding anniversary gift or wedding present

When you get to celebrate a wedding day, beautiful gifts belong, of course. A very suitable gift is therefore a bouquet of roses. A bouquet of red roses is often given for an anniversary. This shows that your partner is your true love. What is also sometimes done and what is also a nice symbolic gift, is a white rose in the middle of a bouquet of red roses. This means that you want to be together with the person and that you are looking forward to experiencing the coming year together.

Choose your number red rosesChoose your number red roses

The rose anniversary

Married for 10 years, what a milestone! This should of course be celebrated in a big way and what better way to celebrate a rose anniversary than with a beautiful bouquet of roses! Surprose is the online rose specialist and therefore you have come to the right place if you want to order a beautiful bouquet of roses to celebrate this special day. In our range, we have a number of bouquets especially for a rose anniversary. We have 10 white roses including a bottle of champagne for a special price or 10 XXL pink roses to surprise your partner.  Such a special bunch of roses is of course perfect to celebrate your wedding day together with your partner.

Order sustainable high-quality roses

Below are a number of bestsellers and bouquets that are very suitable to give on a wedding day. If you want more inspiration, go to the wedding & anniversary page or take a look at the theme page love. Surprose is known for its high quality roses that are delivered fresh from the grower to the consumer. Surprose is also committed to sustainability. For instance, they work as climate-neutral as possible by coordinating their processes. This way, there are no unnecessary extra emissions.

We recommend these bouquets:

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