Rose Delivery: Hamburg

Rose Delivery: Hamburg

Order a beautiful bouquet of roses from Surprose and have them delivered in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Surprose delivers roses throughout Hamburg and the surrounding area. The roses are of high quality. With your order you will receive a free greeting card to make your message even clearer. The roses go from the nursery to our own bindery, where the roses are hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet. From the bindery the roses are delivered in Hamburg, whether in Lüneberg, Ahrensburg, Elmshorn or Lübeck. At Surprose it is possible to specify a desired delivery date.

Choose a bouquet and have it delivered in Hamburg:
  1. 10 to 99 soft pink roses
    Soft pink roses – Choose your number from 10 till 99
  2. 15 red roses with gypsophila
    15 red roses with gypsophila
  3. 20 rainbow roses
    20 rainbow roses
  4. 20 white roses - Avalanche
    20 white roses - Avalanche
  5. Mix bouquet pink roses
    Mix bouquet pink roses
  6. Three blue long life roses including glass vase
    Three blue long life roses including vase
  7. White rose bouquet with bear grass
    White rose bouquet with bear grass
  8. Lavender coloured rose bouquet
    Bouquet of lavender-coloured roses with panicum and eucalyptus
  9. Three white roses + vase + chocolates
    Three white roses including glassvase and Lindt heart
    Special Price €22.50 Regular Price €24.90
  10. 30 white roses - Avalanche
    30 white roses - Avalanche
  11. 20 salmon-coloured roses - Avalanche Peach
    20 salmon-coloured roses - Avalanche Peach

Florist Hamburg

For a florist in Hamburg Surprose is the right address. We deliver flowers all over Hamburg and the surrounding area. That's why Surprose is your online florist for ordering and delivering flowers in Hamburg. Surprose has the largest selection of roses. Due to the wide assortment, you can find a suitable product for every occasion in the webshop.

Celebrate a birthday and have roses delivered in Hamburg

Roses for a birthday Do you know someone who is having a birthday and you don't have a present yet? Then have a beautiful birthday bouquet delivered in Hamburg. Surprose has a very wide range when it comes to beautiful roses that you can give on someone's birthday. Surprose has several colours of roses that can be ordered for a birthday gift. Surprose delivers the roses directly from the grower to the consumer. In this way you know that the roses are fresh and you can quickly and sustainably have very high quality roses delivered in Hamburg.

Order special roses and have them delivered in Hamburg

Surprose, as the rose specialist, also has very special and premium roses in its range. For example, you can have real rainbow roses delivered in Hamburg. These are roses that are treated with a biological ink, which gives the roses the beautiful colours of the rainbow. There are also blue roses and black roses available in Hamburg. These roses are treated in the same way as the rainbow roses. Surprose uses of course the highest quality for these roses, so you can be sure to enjoy the roses for a long time!

Delivery of roses and gifts in Hamburg

Give a beautiful bouquet of roses as a gift. To complete the gift, Surprose sends a free greeting card with every order. Besides the greeting card, there are other extras you can order from Surprose. We also offer chocolates, champagne, vases and wine. For a great gift, Surprose is the place to go. The roses from Surprose are only of high quality and are delivered in Hamburg.

Advantages of the delivery of roses in Hamburg with Surprose

The high-quality roses from Surprose come from the best growers in the world. The roses go directly from the growers to the bindery. In the bindery, the roses are tied by hand into a beautiful bouquet. From the bindery, the roses are delivered to the desired address in Hamburg. During transport, the roses are kept fresh by fresh-keeping bags. The "water nappies" around the ends of the stems provide the roses with nutrients so that they will arrive in Hamburg in optimal condition.

Special occasion rose delivery in Hamburg

Surprose's range is very wide, so there are roses to suit every occasion. Check out the assortment for roses.

  • Love & Roses: Surprose has a large selection of lovely rose bouquets. In red, pink, deep red or white, a bouquet of roses will always express love to the recipient of the beautiful rose bouquet.
  • Wedding roses: For a wedding, a bouquet of white roses is very appropriate. White roses represent a new beginning. Therefore, they are perfect for a wedding.
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