Rose variety: Memory Lane

About the Memory Lane rose

Rose variety: Memory Lane

Memory Lane rosesA purple rose is rare. The rose variety Memory Lane has lavender-coloured rose petals. A soft purple shade that opens beautifully with a large amount of rose petals when the rose blooms. The rose can reach a size of 4.5 to 5 cm when fully open in the vase. The rose can sometimes be pink at the edge of the rose petals, this is completely normal. The rest of the rose will open lavender coloured. This pink edge is usually only on the outside of the rose and not on the inner leaves.

Order the Memory Lane roses

The lavender-coloured rose is in again, because of the modern look that the rose has. The rose is available in our range in mixed bouquets, as well as a bouquet with only this lavender-coloured rose. The outer leaves of the Memory Lane roses are somewhat lighter in colour. These are the protective leaves. These leaves give the rose a natural look, but are actually there to protect the rose from other roses. During transport or in the vase they can bump into each other. The outer leaves then ensure that the rose is not damaged on the inside and remains as beautiful as possible.

Symbolism of Memory Lane roses

A purple rose stands for pride, enchantment, peace and spirituality, among other things. So you can give the rose to someone for all kinds of occasions. However, a purple rose is a symbol of love at first sight. This means that if you give these roses right after you meet someone, you are indicating that you are in love with the recipient from the very first moment! Do you want to read more about the symbolism of rose colours? Read our blog about the symbolism of rose colours to find out much more!

Give Memory Lane roses as a gift

Memory Lane rosesBecause of the meaning attached to these roses, you can give the rose as a gift for many different occasions. This means that it is a suitable gift for a platonic relationship, a birthday or as a thank you. Would you like to give lavender coloured roses as a gift, but you would like something extra? That's possible! Look among our gifts for something extra.

The nice thing about this rose is that it has relatively few thorns, compared to other roses. The chance that the recipient will sting this rose is therefore much smaller! And between the purple and lavender-coloured roses, this is one of the most sought-after roses of quality!

From the grower to the vase

The Memory Lane roses are grown by growers Altima and Timaflor. These growers have Dutch roots and are located in Kenya. The strength of the roses from Kenya is that the sun is perfect for the roses to grow. The sun is high and there is little rainfall, so the roses can grow quickly and become strong. This is very important for the high quality and reliability of the roses. The roses are grown on Mount Kenya, which is about 2350 metres high, just 10 km from the equator!

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