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Christmas at Surprose

Christmas bouquets Christmas bouquets and wax roses

Surprose, as a rose specialist, has also put together beautiful Christmas bouquets for you! These bouquets are completely in the Christmas spirit and are therefore perfect to give as gifts or simply to decorate your own home. Surprose also has high-quality wax roses in its range. These are strong roses that are dipped in wax. This gives the roses a beautiful wax coating, giving them a unique look. These are roses that fit the Christmas theme perfectly and are therefore very popular during the Christmas period. The roses used for this purpose are Avalanche roses. These roses are known for their large flower bud and strong stem. So Surprose wax roses will always look very nice in a bouquet or in special Christmas arrangements.

Christmas bouquets delivered

Surprose has several special Christmas bouquets in its range. These have been put together to reflect the Christmas theme as well as possible. There are two special Christmas bouquets and these are also in beautiful Christmas colours. For instance, the first bouquet is a red rose bouquet with golden gypsophila. These really shine on the table and will instantly bring the Christmas spirit into your home. The other bouquet is a white rose bouquet with silver gypsophila. This rose bouquet very nicely reflects the Christmas colours and is therefore very suitable to give as a gift during the Christmas period, for example. The Christmas bouquets are designed so that they always look great with the Christmas tree.

Have wax roses delivered

As mentioned, Surprose wax roses are of the rose variety Avalanche. These are very strong roses that, with proper care, can stand beautifully in the vase for several weeks. The process of dipping the rose in wax ensures that the rose can often be beautiful for longer. This is because the wax forms a protective layer over the rose. Surprose has wax roses in many different colours. You can order wax roses in red, burgundy, white, silver, gold and copper.

More about our waxroses

Wax roses are also often used in various Christmas decorations. Perfect as a gift in December! The waxroses are carefully packed individually. This prevents the roses from breaking during transport. The wax roses are then tied into a bouquet and placed in the luxury gift packaging. So you have a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else!

Tips for waxed roses

Because the flower bud can become a bit heavier due to the weight of the wax, it can be smart to cut the stems a bit further off. This will make the wax roses less likely to become top-heavy and therefore less likely to droop. You can also have the roses supported by some greenery in the bouquet or by other roses. This way you can enjoy your waxroses for the longest time.

Christmas decoration with roses

Would you like to decorate your home for Christmas, but still need inspiration for what to do? Then you can make beautiful Christmas arrangements with Surprose roses. For example, by combining the wax roses with some Christmas balls, you can easily make a beautiful decoration in the Christmas spirit. The wax roses last a little longer than normal roses, because the wax forms a protective layer around the rose. Surprose wax roses are also available in many different colours, so it can be used in every interior.

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