Rose variety: Magic Vuvuzela

The Magic Vuvuzela rose

Very few of our roses come from Germany and are grown there. The wild roses in our range, however, are mostly from Germany! These are roses that resemble peonies, but look different and are only available when the peonies are actually no longer there. The season for these special roses lasts until the end of October.

Order the Magic Vuvuzela

Magic Vuvuzela roseThis is a very special and exclusive rose. This means that the rose cannot be delivered immediately before the next working day. The delivery time of the Magic Vuvuzela is 3 working days if ordered before 14:00. Per order we order this rose at the grower, so you will get the freshest roses. This rose has a stem length of about 50 cm. The inside of a rose, within all the rose petals, is almost never visible, unless you dry the roses by flattening them and putting something heavy on top. That is different with this rose. This rose will open and you will be able to see the inside of the rose. 

It's a very exclusive rose and only available for a limited time. The Magic Vuvuzela can therefore only be found in 2 bouquets, but in the category "English / Wild roses" we have several other rose varieties that are also flower-shaped and look a bit like an English rose or peony!

About the Magic Vuvuzela

Magic Vuvuzela bouquetThe Magic Vuvuzela is the 5th Vuvuzela variety that our grower has in his greenhouse. They are inspired by the typical English David Austin roses. From that thought these roses have been created. The Magic Vuvuzela looks like a wild English rose, but instead comes from Germany. What makes this rose unique is the colour of the rose and the countless rose petals it has. The rose has a pink/red colour, whereby the outer leaves are darker than the inner leaves of this beautiful rose. The leaves of the Magic Vuvuzela are not the classic rose petals that everyone is familiar with. The rose petals of Magic Vuvuzela are much more flower-shaped than the classic rose such as Avalanche or Red Naomi. The flower-shaped rose petals make this rose look more like a peony or an English rose.

The breeder of Magic Vuvuzela

The grower of this rose is Wans Roses. The owner of this company is Christian Wans and his wife. The nursery exists since 1975, but the cultivation of special roses started in 2001. Since then they started to focus on special roses like the Magic Vuvuzela. Because of the experience that the staff at Wans Roses has gained, they can guarantee the quality of the roses and make sure that the roses will have a long life in your vase at home. To emphasise that this is a very special rose, the Magic Vuvuzela falls under the brand name: Royal Beauties! 2021 is the year they added the Magic Vuvuzela to their greenhouse.

Du musst 18 Jahre oder älter sein, um dieses Produkt kaufen zu können.
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