Rose variety: Vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela rose

This wild rose is the Vuvuzela rose. This rose has a special look with its colours, its shape and its petals. The colour can also change slightly as the rose stands in the vase for longer. The colours can change from very bright to soft and pastel-coloured! Also the flowering of this rose is a very beautiful process.

Send the Vuvuzela rose

Vuvuzela roseWhen these roses bloom open, the flower will show countless petals. It is striking that the inside, also called the heart of the rose, has a different colour than the outside of the rose. The outside of the rose has a bright pink colour. However, this is only the outside of the rose. The inside of the rose has a strong orange-yellow colour! When the rose is opened on the vase you will see both colours! Furthermore this rose has a flower shaped bud. This means that the rose does not have the folded leaves of a well-known classic rose, such as a Sophia Loren rose or a Sweet Revival rose. The Vuvuzela rose looks more like an English garden rose or the popular peonies.
This rose has a stem length of about 50 cm and therefore opens best in a medium to tall vase. The width of the vase depends on the number of roses. Don't have a suitable vase or don't expect the recipient to have one? Take a look at our vases!

From the grower to your home

Vuvuzela bouquetThe Vuvuzela rose comes from our grower Wans Roses in Germany. They have a series of several Vuvuzela varieties. We have this variety and the Magic Vuvuzela, a red-pink wild rose. In the greenhouses of Wans Roses, they are busy with sustainability and CO2 emissions. For example, they only use biological means to protect the roses from bacteria. They also recycle their own waste water, which the roses do not consume. The water is purified and used again to supply the roses with water! If you want to know what Surprose thinks about sustainability, you can find more information about Surprose and sustainability here.

As described, these are very exclusive roses. They are therefore not available all year round and require 3 working days' delivery. The roses use sunlight and are therefore usually only available from March to the end of October. To be able to send the roses as fresh as possible, we do not use stock. When you order the Vuvuzela roses, the grower will cut the roses fresh and send them to the collection point where we collect all our roses. This way the roses are sent as fresh as possible, so you can have them in the vase at home for as long as possible. Do you really want to enjoy these Vuvuzela roses and want some tips on how to care for them? That's possible, we wrote a blog about rose care. Here you will find some tips that you can use to keep the roses in the vase as long as possible.

When the roses are available, the bouquets with the Vuvuzela rose in them will be shown below.

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