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The pink Revival rose is grown in Kenya by the grower: Timaflor. The rose has a bright pink colour, while the outside of the bud has a softer pink colour. The Revival rose is a sister to the Sweet Revival rose. The Sweet Revival rose has a very soft pink colour. It has a stem length of about 60 cm and is tied as a bouquet with Revival roses only, but also appears in mixed bouquets with other rose varieties. See for example the bouquets below:

Revival roses have many thorns, so be careful when cutting the stems. We do not recommend removing the thorns. Removing the thorns creates 'wounds' on the stem, where bacteria can accumulate which can cause the rose to become diseased. You won't be able to enjoy your pink roses as long. The pink rose belongs to the large-flowered roses, meaning the rosebud is larger than the average rose. The rosebud is about 5 cm big, so you can't wait for the rose to open in the vase!

The meaning of the pink rose

A pink rose symbolises gratitude and appreciation. So would you like to thank someone for helping you or for always being there for you? Then the best way to say that is with pink roses. Like the colour, the difference between the light pink rose and the bright pink rose is the intensity. So, are you looking for a pink rose that exudes energy and where you can thank someone incredibly? Then the Revival rose is perfect for you!

Besides the colour, the number also has a meaning. So do you want to add an extra dimension to your rose gift? Then these are numbers of roses you can consider:

  • 1 pink rose: love at first sight.
  • 3 pink roses: I love you.
  • 10 pink roses: you are perfect for me.
  • 12 pink roses: you are mine
  • 13 pink roses: a secret admirer.
  • 15 pink roses: give you to apologise.
  • 20 pink roses: my feelings are genuine.
  • 24 pink roses: I always think of you.
  • 36 pink roses: I am in love with you.
  • 50 pink roses: I love you unconditionally.
  • 99 pink roses: I will always love you.

Besides the meaning of the number, you can of course choose a number that has meaning for you, the date of your anniversary for example!

Would you like more than 99 pink roses? Then just contact us: service@surprose.com. Then we will order them especially for you from the grower!

Chose your number of pink rosesChose your number of pink roses

More meanings, also of other colours of roses can be found in our blog: symbolism of rose colours.

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