Rose variety: Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey roses

The Shades of Grey rose

Shades of Grey roseHave you ever seen grey roses? A dull colour yes, but grey? These roses are light grey! The name says it all, a shade of grey. That is not the only thing that makes this rose special and exclusive, but it is the first thing you notice when you see this wild rose. This is partly why this rose is the showpiece of our German grower, because it is so special! You don't see a grey rose very often, so we understand why the Shades of Grey rose is put in the spotlight! So it is perhaps no surprise that the Shades of Grey rose falls under our grower's Royal Beauties brand.

A grey rose is rare, but this is not just any classic rose. This is a wild rose, inspired by the English David Austin roses. The petals of this rose are not as you would expect from a rose. The petals of this rose are flower-shaped. What does this mean? It means that the leaves of this rose are rounder than the standard rose. Not only are the rose petals rounder than the classic rose, the shape of the entire rose is also much rounder than a classic rose. That makes these wild roses look more like an English rose or a peony. If you look at the rose in the picture you will surely see the difference with the classic rose like the: Avalanche Peach or the Black Baccara. The Shades of Grey rose is new on the market and only announced in early 2021!

Order Shades of Grey roses

Shades of Grey bouquetThis exclusive rose is grown by our grower: Wans Roses. This grower is one of our few growers who is based in Germany. Wans Roses has all exclusive roses in its greenhouse, which are only available between March and the end of October. Usually the roses only come on the market when the peonies are not available anymore. When the Shades of Grey are ordered, they are cut and shipped at the grower. Wans Roses is one of the few growers who wrap the roses in paper during transport. They do this so that as little plastic is used in the whole process as possible. They bring the roses to a general collection point where they sell other roses from their collection and we collect all the roses that have been ordered from them. Then the roses for your bouquet are hand-tied by experienced flower binders and sent to the recipient.

Send grey roses

Because this rose is so exclusive, it is unfortunately not immediately available. We do not keep the roses in stock, but the roses are freshly cut per order at the grower. This way you will always receive the freshest Shades of Grey roses. The delivery time for this rose is therefore 3 working days, provided you order before 2PM. This rose has a stem length of approx. 50 cm and looks best in a medium to large vase. Check out our other rose varieties or our other wild / English roses.

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