Rose variety: Victorian

The Victorian rose

This is a special rose that is reminiscent of an English garden rose. A rose that is round and whose rose petals are folded together differently than a classic rose. A classic rose is, for example, the Avalanche rose. This is a classic and very popular rose. There are clear differences between the two roses. Consider the rose petals, how they are folded, the shape of the entire rose and the shape of the rose petals.

About the Victorian rose

Victorian bouquet The Victorian roses in our range have a stem length of 50 cm. They have a very large bud that will flower widely. When the bud opens, the countless flower petals will be shown off to their best advantage. The roses will soon fill a vase and are a true eye-catcher in the home. These characteristics make the Victorian rose one of our XXL roses in our collection. Other XXL roses include the Sophia Loren and the Red Naomi. The outer rose petals have a lighter colour than the inside of the rosebud. The inside of the rose is salmon-coloured, this colour fades and becomes softer towards the outside of the rose.

All this makes the Victorian rose a very exclusive rose. Because of the exclusivity of this rose, we need a longer delivery time to ensure that every order is delivered with the freshest roses. When you place your order, we will pass it on to the grower. They will then ensure that the number of roses ordered is freshly cut, after which they will go to our flower binders. There they will be hand-tied, receive a freshbag with water and nutrition and be wrapped in paper to protect the roses during transport to the recipient.

Roses, fresh from the grower

Victorian rose That the roses are exclusive is obvious. The breeder of this type of rose is called: VIP roses. They breed several special rose varieties that you don't see every day, like the Victorian rose! VIP roses stands for Very Impressive Product. It is a Dutch nursery of two brothers who took over the company from their father. A real family business that has been around for 35 years and has about 3.5 hectares of land on which they grow their roses. Sustainability is also very important for VIP roses, just like we think. For more information about what we do on sustainability, go to the page Surprose and sustainability. There you can read everything about what we do to contribute to sustainability. At VIP roses, among other things, we use insects that make sure that no diseases or harmful insects can get to the roses. In this way, no harmful chemicals are used. There are even employees who are completely focused on the insects that make sure that the roses can continue to grow. They keep an eye on how these insects are doing. Everything to prevent the use of chemicals.

The Victorian on the vase

Enjoying your roses for as long as possible is, of course, the aim. Each bouquet that is sent contains a booklet with a number of basic tips for looking after the roses. These include changing the water, cleaning the vase and cutting the stems at an angle. We also add 2 bags of flower food to the roses. Flower food ensures that the roses stay fresh and you can enjoy your Victorian roses even longer. By adding a second bag of flower food after a week, you will see that the vase life of your salmon-coloured roses will be extended. To enjoy your Victorian roses even longer it is best to keep them away from direct sunlight, drafts, heaters and the heating. They also don't like to be near fruit. Want to know why and see some other tips? Then take a look at our care tips.

Availability Victorian roses

The Victorian roses are only available between April and November. When they are available, you can see them below. If the roses are no longer available, they will not be shown. The Victorian rose is a wild rose that only grows in the spring until mid autumn.

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