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Roses for Mother's Day

Sunday 8 May is Mother's Day again! The day that is celebrated in honour of motherhood. In a number of countries, including the Netherlands and Germany, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Handy, because this way you never forget to think of a special gift for your mother, stepmother, (great) grandmother, mother-in-law and/or someone who fulfils this role for you. We are happy to help you select a beautiful bouquet of roses and have even added a special Mother's Day category to our menu. This way, picking a special and personal gift becomes very easy.

bouquet pink-red roses

A special gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day was brought over from the United States in the middle of the 19th century. In the meantime, this day has also become a tradition in many other countries. In many countries, it is even one of the most important days of the year, alongside Christmas and Valentine's Day. You can't walk down a shopping street without seeing red heart-shaped chocolates, luxurious chocolates, cuddly toys, bath pearls, bracelets and perfumes everywhere. You can't browse through an advertising brochure without seeing dozens of offers for your dearest mother. But how do you choose from all this excess? Is your mother really waiting for yet another fragrance or a teddy bear with a box of heart-shaped chocolates in its arms?

Give your mother, mother-in-law, stepmother, daughter-in-law or dear grandmother a gift she can enjoy for more than two weeks. Like a bouquet of top quality Red Naomi, White Avalanche or Sweet Revival roses, as a symbol of your love for her. You can also surprise her with 29 individual roses, because you made her a mother for the first time 29 years ago. Take a look at our Mother's Day assortment.

Long Life roses

Crazy about roses, but do you think it's a shame to give something as a present that will only last two or three weeks in the vase? Then order our long life roses, preserved roses with stem. These long life roses are fresh roses that have been treated so that they remain beautiful for years. Without the need for water or flower food. Take a look in our webshop and find roses that you can enjoy for months or even years. A unique Mother's Day gift!

Roses as a memory

White rose bouquet for Mother's Day

Flower sales rise to an all-time high around Mother's Day every year. But these flowers are not only given as gifts. Roses are also placed as a gesture at the grave or memorial of a deceased mother, daughter or grandmother. The roses from Surprose will last much longer than a bunch of roses from the supermarket or gas station. How beautiful it is to have one rose from this bouquet in a vase at home. This way, your loved one is very close to you on Mother's Day.

Everyone experiences Mother's Day differently. But for everyone who wants to surprise his or her mother, to give a symbol of love or to remember, Surprose has an extensive range of the finest authentic roses, directly from the grower.

Giving roses on Mother's Day?

All our roses are packed in a luxury box, which makes just unwrapping them a pleasure. Roses are always good. What mother doesn't like roses? Giving roses as a Mother's Day gift is therefore always a good idea. We, too, think it is very important to give the recipient a special feeling. We contribute to this by beautifully wrapping the Mother's Day gift. We also give you the opportunity to add a free personal (video) message. This message (or the QR code to your personal video message) is on a card, which is included together with 2 bags of cut flower food and care tips. Our long life roses do not need any food of course, but we do add a card with care tips.

Are you giving our fresh- or long-life roses as a gift and do you want to give your gift just a little bit more exclusivity? Then choose an extra gift. Such as a matching vase, a bottle of wine, Moët & Chandon Champagne in luxury gift packaging or a luxury box of chocolates.

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