The meaning of pink roses

The meaning of pink roses

The meaning of Pink Roses

Pink roses have a rich and multifaceted symbolism that can convey different feelings and messages. Here are the main meanings of pink roses:

The General Meaning of Pink Roses

Pink roses are often associated with feelings of gratitude, admiration, joy, and affection. They are more subtle than red roses, which symbolise passion and deep romantic love, and can therefore be used for different occasions

Specific Meanings of pink roses

1. Gratitude and Appreciation:

o Pink roses are often given as a sign of gratitude and appreciation. They can be used to thank someone for a good deed or to show that you appreciate their presence and contribution.

2. Admiring and Appreciation:

o Light pink roses symbolise admiration and affection. They are a nice way to show that you admire and appreciate someone without the romantic connotation that red roses often have.

3. Joy and Happiness:

o Pink roses can express joy and happiness. They are perfect for festive occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or just to cheer someone up.

4. Sympathy and Comfort:

o Pink roses can also be used to offer sympathy and comfort to someone going through a difficult time. They carry a message of compassion and caring.


Meanings of different shades of pink roses

1. Light Pink Roses:

o Light pink roses represent admiration, gentleness, and joy. They are ideal to give on friendly occasions or to let someone know you care.

2. Dark Pink Roses:

o Dark pink roses symbolise gratitude and appreciation. They are perfect to give to someone to thank them for their help or to show that you appreciate their efforts.

The different shades of pink roses:

Occasions to order pink roses for

  1. Birthdays: pink roses are a wonderful choice for birthdays, conveying joy and good wishes.
  2. Anniversaries: they can be used to celebrate an anniversary, especially if you want to show your gratitude and admiration for your partner.
  3. Friendship: pink roses are ideal for giving to friends, as they convey appreciation and affection without the romantic overtones.
  4. Thank you: they are a perfect way to thank someone for a kind act or their continued support.
  5. Sympathy and Support: as a gesture of sympathy and support, pink roses can bring comfort to someone going through a difficult time.
  6. Mother's Day: as a Mother's Day gift, pink roses are particularly suitable. The soft pink hues will appeal to mothers and, together with a box of chocolates or bottle of wine, for example, are the perfect gift to give on Mother's Day.

Origin of the pink rose

The origin of pink roses lies in the natural variation and selection of rose varieties over the centuries. Pink roses are one of many colour varieties found within the genus Rosa. Roses are native to Asia, Europe, North Africa and North America, and breeding and selection have created different colours, including pink.

Human breeding practices have played a major role in developing roses with specific colours, including pink. By selecting roses with natural mutations that produce pink flowers, breeders over the centuries have developed varieties we know today. This process of breeding has resulted in a wide range of roses with different shades of pink, from pale pink to deep pink.

In short, the origin of pink roses is a combination of natural mutations in the plant kingdom and human selection and breeding practices over thousands of years.

What types of pink roses can you find at Surprose:

You can find more about the varieties of roses Surprose has in its range in our Rose Lexicon >


Pink roses are versatile flowers that can convey a range of positive and warm emotions. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions and relationships, from friendship and admiration to gratitude and joy. Their subtle and soft appearance makes them a perfect choice for expressing feelings in a sophisticated and elegant way.

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